Christmas Goodies

Marzipan fancies
Peppermint Meringues

Mint Truffles

Peppermint Bark

Butterscotch Bark


  1. How did you get your first chocolates so beautifully dipped? I tried to dip some chocolates this year and they looked horrible! Do you add something to your melted chocolate? What tools do you use?

  2. It depends on what type of chocolate you are using. And the nicer the chocolate the prettier it looks. If it is a coating chocolate use the Merkins brand. It is really smooth and melts really easy. If you are using regular chocolate you need to temper it. If your chocolate is too old it wont melt as well so buy your chocolate when you need it. If your chocolate isn't thin enough then you can add a little bit of shortening when you are melting it or a little bit (a tiny bit at a time)of canola oil. But, if your chocolate is fresh and high quality you should be fine. As you are dipping your chocolate cools and you might need to warm it back up so it is a better consistancy, but becareful not to get the temperature too high or it will harden and be useless. When I warm up my chocolate I either do it in a double broiler or in the microwave it at 20 second intervals stirring each time until melted (if it is coating chocolate). There are dipping tools (get the metal ones not the plastic), but you don't have to have them. I have used a fork and/or a spoon, but the tools do help them look a little smoother.

  3. Oh just so you know the Wilton coating chocolate is horrible. And I have found that it is often too old and siezes up and is useless. Probably since people aren't buying it.

    Also, white chocolate is usually thicker so I add the shortening or oil when melting it.

  4. Sorry one last thought. You need the chocolate in the bowl to be deep enough to cover the chocolates when you dip them. If you have to move them around the item you are dipping can rip apart or warp or just doesn't look as nice.

  5. Hi :)
    i am unable to find reipes to these awesome truffles. how does it open? I clicked on the pic and just the pic loads pl pl pl help :(

    1. Sneha ,
      I have two different recipes for the truffles depending on which flavor I am going for. They both taste great, but it just depends on what you are in the mood for or what ingredients you have. The first way I make them is to make ganache and before chilling it add in mint extract. Chill and then roll into balls and dip in chocolate.
      Or you can use your half of your normal chocolate you use to make ganache and the other half be mint chocolate chips ( you can generally only get these during the holidays so I stock up on them. ) Chill the ganache until firm and then scoop out and roll into balls and dip in chocolate.

      The other way you can make them is by using mint Oreos about 1 pound or 3 sleeves which you put in the food processor. Then add 8 ounces of softened Cream cheese and blend until you don't see the white cream cheese. Roll into balls and chill in the fridge until firm. Then dip in chocolate and sprinkle on the mint sprinkles that I get from Wilton.

      To make ganache chop 8 oz of semisweet or bittersweet chocolate. Heat 1 cup of heavy cream just to a boil over medium heat. Pour over the chocolate let stand for ten minutes. Then whisk until smooth and then chill until firm and use a melon baller. Chill again and then dip in chocolate and sprinkle with mint crunchies


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