Koala Cake

The head is a 6 inch round cake and the body is made from a 10 inch square (which was carved into the body and pieces cut out for the ears).  I also had an 8 inch square cake that I used for the tree. I cut the 8 in in half and put one in front of the other to connect them. .  Then I took a sharp serrated knife and carved the edges to round the cake edges.  Then I used a spatula to frost the tree and then started at the top and pulled the spatula down the cake all over to make it look like a tree.   To get nice curves for the ears I put a cup on top of the 10 inch cake and cut partly around the cup to give it the curved edge.  I also used a cardboard cake cirlcle to act as a guide to cut the cake and round it for the round body areas.  All along the cake I carved the edges of the cake so they were a little rounded and not just a straight flat point.(does that make sense?)  So going around the bum of the Koala I carved a little off the top edge to round it. 
To decorate the Koala I used the Grass tip which is the 233 tip to make the fur. And the part of the arm that is on the tree was some extra piped frosting and then did fur on top.  


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