Giraffe Cake

The body and legs were made from cake and buttercream frosting.
The head is made from Rice Crispies and decorated with buttercream with Marshmallow Fondant ears, eyes, nostrals, and antenna.
Serves:35-40 people (not counting the head)


  1. OMG that is the cutest cake EVER! My youngest is about to turn 1 and he's having a giraffe party.

  2. How much would you charge for this cake?

  3. I made it for my son's birthday, but off the top of my head I would say you could charge about $70 dollars or more. Figure how much the supplies to make it would cost you, so ingredients for the cake, the rice crispies and chocolate to hold the head shape, the frosting, the fondant,the support for the head and the base. You have to think about how much time it takes to bake the cakes,torte and fill the cakes,carve and crumb coat them, making the rice crispy treats, molding them into a head,covering the outside with frosting and accent details. So with baking and so forth at least 5-6 hours of work. (I usually find it takes me longer than I think) You also need to figure out what you would want to make per hour. You could also make it larger or smaller as well if you needed to serve more or less people people.
    My husband says that my estimate is too low since it is a 3D cake and it always takes longer then you think. And if you use expensive cake ingredients then you are only making 10 dollars and hour which is really cheap labor. Hope this helps.


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