Zombie Cake

It seems that Zombies are the latest trend for teenage boys right now.  And with the new movie Warm Bodies I am sure it is only going to get bigger.  This is my first Zombie cake.  It was funny for me to make this cake because, normally I am trying to make everything look perfect.  No marks or nicks in the fondant and have everything fit perfectly, but with this cake it was the total opposite.  My boys stood with their mouths draping open as I marked up the fondant with my gumpaste tools and made cuts and gouges in the hands.  And while my boys said ewe gross mom, my husband was in the background saying more blood and goo.  It was really neat to see it all take shape and see the wonders that petal dust can do to make the hands and boards look life like, or zombie like hehehe.  I will have to post before and after pictures of the hands to show you the difference. 
I don't know if you can tell, but I love the effects of the words.  I used a font that is called drippy blood which was cut with red fondant.  Then I painted on top of that red a really deep red.  Then to make it even more gruesome I tinted some piping gel red and painted that on and it made them look wet and drippy as if they were painted on with real blood!  Cool! 
I also used that same tinted piping gel to add extra goo and blood to the wounds.  
Even though it was kind of gross it was fun to make something so different. 

Happy 18th Birthday Tanner!

Here are some close ups of the cake.  I did last minute add some tendons and more blood to the bottom left hand, but you get the idea. 

Do any of you remember that really old 1960's movie called Night of the living dead?  That is what this cake reminded me of.   Have any of you gotten into zombies again?  That was the last zombie anything that I have seen and that was probably at least 20 years ago. 


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