S'more Cake / Life is Good Cake

 I love unique challenging cakes that make me think.  I was so excited when one of my friends wanted me to make a S'more cake for her daughter's birthday party.  Her daughter was having a life is good party and they were going to roast marshmallows and make S'mores so she thought a S'more cake would be fun. The hard part would be to figure out the stacking and get it there in one piece.  Let's just say I said a little prayer and held my breath  as we went down a steep hill! Thank goodness it didn't topple over.

This is how I made it.  The "graham crackers" and the "chocolate bar" are all made from 8 inch square cakes (the chocolate bar was then cut smaller so it would fit at an angle nicely) and the "marshmallow" is a 6 inch round cake.  The hard thing I think were the "graham crackers".  I didn't want them to be too tall or they wouldn't look like graham crackers, but I didn't want them to be too small cause who wants a short tiny piece of cake?  This is how I solved it (don't know if it was the best decision, let me know in the comments how you would do it.).  I took the bottom "graham cracker and the chocolate and crumb coated them together.  Then I covered the entire thing in the graham cracker color.  Then I put the chocolate fondant on top of the chocolate bar one and was just very very careful as I trimed around it so as not to cut the graham cracker fondant below (I had a couple tiny nicks but not too bad).  Then the top "graham cracker I baked a little taller cake so they would still get enough cake to satisfy them.  It used up a little more fondant and I was nervous about the trimming, but I didn't want both the graham crackers and the chocolate to be short little pieces of cake.

And this time I enjoyed making the person!!!  YEAH!  I did a little different route.  The nose is still the same round little ball, but the eyes were made with a food coloring pen and the mouth was painted on with a tiny tiny paint brush (make sure the gumpaste has some time to dry before adding the coloring/painting or it will indent the paste as well as color it and it doesn't look as nice.  It could also be that I love the little girl that the cake is for so making her was more enjoyable (sorry Sleeping Beauty).

For the graham crackers I used a ball tool to make a slight indent and then a little paint brush to make the hole a little deeper. And a gumpaste tool to make the dotted line that you break your cracker at. I used charcoal petal dust (not real charcoal just the color charcoal) to make the marshmallow look a little roasted.  And I used my cricut cake machine to cut out the letting for the cake.

Here is a little better angle to see the s'more and Sammy roasting a marshmallow.
S'more anyone???  


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