Sunday, June 29, 2014

Push Up Cupcakes

I was wandering the isles in Michael's and my son stopped me and asked what these push up containers were.  After I explained that you could not only put ice cream, but mini cupcakes as well he got really excited and asked if we could make some of those for the next family party.  
They were super simple and fun for everyone to eat.  I didn't use mini cupcakes though,  I baked a sheet cake and used a round cookie cutter that was slightly smaller than the opening. 
Also you don't need the special piping tip for them, that they sell.  I just didn't fill my piping bag too full and it fit just fine.  

You will have to excuse their sloppiness since I only had a couple minutes to throw them together.  They were cute, fun and very easy to do.  And the nice thing is they are very adaptable.  You can use them for any type of occasion, just change the colors to match your theme.  And they are reusable!
Now I just need to have my husband make some kind of holder for them! 

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