Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Harley Davidson Tire cake

I love making creative cakes!  And my friend Jane always has the most creative cakes for me to make.  I will never forget the cake she designed for her sister in law with the dog peeing on the center piece.  You just have to see it for yourself!  Click here

 This cake was for her husbands 50th surprise birthday party.  And although there aren't any peeing animals ( hehehe). I would have never thought I would make a Harley tire.    
Since there was so much black on the cake I used modeling chocolate so that the guests wouldn't all have black teeth.  Fondant isn't too bad about that, but modeling chocolate is even better about not sharing color.  And I love how modeling chocolate holds it's shape well so before I cut the Harley symbol I refrigerated the modeling chocolate and it held the shape nicely and in didn't have to worry about it stretching.  Oh and all I did was print off a picture of the Harley symbol and use that as a template.  
It is not exactly like fondant though.  When I covered the cake I cut out a circle that was the same size as the top of the cake using a cake circle as a template.   And then rolled out a couple long strips to go around the sides of the tires.  But since tires naturally have a seam., I didn't have to worry about it.  But if I didn't want a seam since it was chocolate I would just rub it out with the warmth of your hand and it will smooth out.  
Then using pictures of the birthday boys  actual tire I copied the designs onto the modeling chocolate.     And it is nice that modeling chocolate doesn't dry out quickly like fondant does.  
I love modeling chocolate.  And plan to use it more with my cakes.  

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