Saturday, February 15, 2014

Penguin 1st birthday smash cake

I love to make cakes!  You don't know how much you love to do something until you can't do it for a while.  I had my fourth child 11 weeks ago.  And you know how life is after a baby,  all you want for a while is a few more minutes of sleep.  But recently I have been itching to get decorating again and was happy that my nieces first birthday was coming up.  See we have kind of a tradition that I make the birthday cake as part of the birthday gift for our family that live close to us (Sorry to all of my family that doesn't live here. ).   So I was super excited to get decorating again.
We didn't have a theme or anything to design the cake after so I had the ability to choose anything I want.  This can be a blessing and a curse.  Too many designs I want to make!  Since she was born in a blizzard I decided to do something that had to do with snow or the cold.  And since she is adorable she needed something cute on top. But his is what I came up with.

Everything on it is edible except the two balloon strings which are wires. On the sides are mountains covered in snow.  The snowflakes are plunger cutters and the rest (penguin, mountains, and balloon are all hand made. 
It was so cute to watch my sweet niece eat her cake.  She picked off the penguin and ate it (the wires had already been removed before it was put in front of her).  Then daintily picked off more fondant pieces. Her mom had to cut the cake before she dug in.   
Glad to be back making cakes!

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