Thursday, June 27, 2013

Axew Cake, Pokemon Character Cake

You are probably saying, "Who is Axew?" .  I said that myself when my friend asked me to make it for James' birthday.  I had to search through the plethora of Pokemon characters!  Honestly I totally thought the Pokemon fad died in the 90's, but I guess it must still be going strong. 
The cake was actually two different flavors since the birthday boy has really great taste in cakes.  He personally wanted pistachio cake, (but knowing that there could be nut allergies and most kids wouldn't be ecstatic about pistachios most of it was chocolate cake with cookies and cream buttercream.)  
This one got a little tricky in trying to figure how best to cover it in fondant and what should come first.  Then I realized a trick.  I looked at his picture on some Pokemon website and looked to see what part of him looked the furthest from me.  It was the tail, right arm and body, next was the bright green neck piece and the other arm.  Then the bottom lip and then the face.  Then the funky teeth coming out of his mouth and the headpiece and eyes. Once I figured that out it was much easier to put together.  So if you are struggling to see how to cover a cake break it into layers starting with the furthest and working your way up.  

Time to go make more cakes!

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