Monday, July 23, 2012

My first visit to a Cupcake Shop!

My husband and I while on a vacation in Newport Rhode Island had to stop and try out Cupcake Charlies . They are a cute cupcake shop and have even been on Cupcake Wars (don't know if they won or not) and I have never seen a cupcake shop so we had to stop by.  

I love their sign so I had to include this picture.  "Life is Short...Eat a Cupcake".  

And here are the spread of cupcakes.  I thought there would be more flavors, but I guess that makes it harder for people to choose so keep it simple.  And then they would be baking tons of different flavors constantly.  I noticed that the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and the red velvet with cream cheese frosting (on the left side of the picture) we stocked quite a bit more than all the others so they must be the most popular.  
They all looked so yummy, but at $3.00 a cupcake my husband and I were only going to try one, plus look at all the frosting!  I ended up going with the "Orange Creamsicle" and my husband got the "Chocolate Overload".  The "Orange Creamsicle was a vanilla cupcake with a little bit of orange flavoring and orange coloring with a whip cream type frosting, a few orange sugar crystals and one of those orange wedge candies.  Oh and a little whip cream filling in the middle of the cupcake.  It tasted great just too much frosting on top for me.  My husbands as you can imagine was a lot of chocolate.  Chocolate fudge cupcake with chocolate buttercream, a few chocolate sprinkles and a fudge chocolate peak.  He agreed a little too much frosting for us, but he is used to eating my cupcakes.  It was a lot of fun seeing all those cute cupcakes.  Some day I am going to have to try and copy the flavors (with a little less frosting on top).   They have a sign saying their cupcakes are best at room temperature, but mine and ovbiously the cream cheese ones to me would need to be refrigerated?  So how to they do it?  Is it just a whip cream substitute of some sort or cream cheese flavoring?  What do you think?

Also $3.00 a cupcake seemed a little steep for us ( I guess that depends on where you live), but what do you think.  Would you on a regular basis buy a $3.00 cupcake if they tasted great?  I am interested to see what you think.  If you want to try their cupcakes go to their site .  They acutally ship cupcakes in a jar and other small treats, but not the big cupcakes.    Now I want to go make some cupcakes!  

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