Wednesday, December 28, 2011

American Girl Doll Cake / Lysenko Wedding Cake/

 Right before Christmas I made this cake for the Lysenko Wedding.  The doll is the same size as an American Girl Doll (but, is a knock off brand) but looked so similar to the bride that it was perfect.   I copied the wedding dress on the doll.  The trickiest part was the structure to hold her upright and have her not move too much while I drove an hour to the reception site.

For the Structure I drilled a hole in the board that the cake was going to be on and secured a dowel (the same size as the hole) to her body (with rubber bands) and then saran wrapped her body(to keep the the dowel in place, to help give her a chest, and to keep the cake off of the doll).

For Carving the cake I used a 10inch, 9 inch, 2 8 inch (I didn't have a 7 inch cake pan so I used 2 8 inch and just carved more of one of them), and 2 6 inch cakes.  I figured out the width of the legs with my circle cookie cutters and used that cookie cutter to cut out the cake in the center so her body could fit inside. Then I stacked and filled the cakes and did a very light crumb coat.   After they had chilled in the fridge over night then I carved the skirt and added a little movement carving at the bottom so it wouldn't be just a straight dress, but I don't think you can see that from the pictures.

After it was carved I did a nice coat of frosting and let that crust while I did any last tweaks to the doll.  Oh, make sure the doll's hair is done before you insert in the cake since their hair can fall out on the cake and no one wants hair in their cake and it can be tricky with dolls hair.

Insert and secure the Doll before working with the fondant it is much easier.  I used a little big of hot glue on the bottom of the board as the dowel was placed in the hole.  (That was a little tricky and I needed my husbands help to get the dowel in the hole since you can't see where it is going since it is surrounded by cake.  So I lifted the cake while my husband got the dowel in.)

After covering the base of the dress with fondant I worked on the top which was quite time consuming.  The Brides dress was a ruffle look on the top.  So I cut many, many strips of white fondant and attached them to the doll (there was saran wrap protecting the body of the doll so I smeared shortening to the saran wrap to make the fondant stick) overlapping them as I went.  It was time consuming, but looked amazing when I was done.

Close up of the back of the dress. I made pearl buttons going down the back and a train for the back of the skirt.  
 The groom also love to play the viola and Frisbee so I made gumpaste frisbee's and chocolate violas.  My intention was to have the doll hold a Frisbee in one hand and the Viola in the other, but the hands of the doll weren't the greatest position so it odn't work so I placed them around the board.  It was fun doing my first American Girl Doll Cake.

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